6. Finalizing the Installation

Once the desired configuration is completed, getting Promptar TAPI Connector fully ready for production use may require a few final adjustments:


Confirm log levels

The installation process may have required adjusting some log levels to diagnose initial failures. Please take the time to bring back the log levels and, in general, the log configuration to the recommended one as set forth in the sample configuration file.

Running with more detailed log levels under production may hide away potential warnings that indicate poor user experience or other types of impending failures.


Confirm operation of remote TAPI Adapters

When running an environment composed of multiple remote TAPI Adapters, it is recommended that these are tested in diverse availability / unavailability cases. At least verify correct operation after:


If too many warnings are logged stating "line <tapi-line> at <host> now at <host>" you may want to filter TAPI lines as described in the Remote TAPI Adapter Setup section.


Setup Promptar Telephony Translator

The Promptar Telephony Translator is a separate product that sits between Promptar Server and the phone system connector, like Promptar TAPI Connector. While not mandatory, setting it up is a good recommended practise.

The Promptar Telephony Translator filters, cleans up and/or formats phone numbers for a smoother integration and improved user experience.

Please refer to its documentation to complete its setup.