2. Requirements

Before starting an installation, in-advance planning is recommended. Refer to the previous chapter and to the Promptar Server Setup Guide for that.

2.1. General

Promptar TAPI Connector runs on Windows operating systems. The general technical requirements are outlined in the following table:


Operating System

Windows Server 2003 SP2 or later

32/64 bit

Available RAM

64 MB

Disk Space

50 MB


  • Both RAM requirements and disk space requirements may grow depending on the complexity of the installation and on the implemented logging policies. However, the specified requirements are adequate for typical installations.

2.2. Connector Specific

In addition to the requirements listed above, Promptar TAPI Connector requires the installation and setup of one or more TSPs supporting your phone system environment.

Please refer to the TSP documentation to validate its requirements.

If you’re targetting a distributed installation, comprising multiple first-party TSPs and the associated Promptar TAPI Adapters, apart from administrative privileges on the centralized system, you will also need them across all target systems.