A.1. Command Line Syntax

To obtain a quick reference, run:

> prptTAPI -h

It prints out:

usage: prptTAPI [-hv] [-c <file.cfg>] [-x <command>] [-l] [[address:]port]

The meaning of each argument is described in the following table:

option note


Prints out the command line syntax, as shown above.


Prints out the software version.

-c <file.cfg>

Specifies a non-default configuration file.

-x <command>

Request execution of <command> to the connector which must not be running; as of this writing, the only available <command> is listlines, as documented before. The PRPT_OUTPUT_ENCODING environment variable affects the output of non-ASCII only line names: refer to the Configuration chapter for details.


Forces the connector to start in remote mode, listening for server connections on the TCP interface and port specified by [[address:]port] or, if these are unspecified, defaulting to what is defined in the configuration file in the [network] section.

If the -l option is omitted, the connector will initiate a TCP connection towards the server as specified by [[address:]port], again, defaulting to the definitions in the [network] section of the configuration file.