Promptar HTTPBX Connector: Setup Guide

Table of Contents

1. Concepts
2. Requirements
2.1. General
2.2. Connector Specific
2.3. Limitations
3. Installation
3.1. Linux
3.2. Windows
3.3. Installed Files
4. Minimal Configuration
4.1. Sample Configuration Files
4.2. Editing Configuration Files
4.3. Broadworks
4.4. Switchvox
4.5. Polycom Phones
4.6. Snom Phones
4.7. Yealink Phones
5. Detailed Configuration
5.1. HTTP Servers
5.2. Common Driver Options
5.3. Broadworks
5.4. Switchvox
5.5. Polycom Phones
5.6. Snom Phones
5.7. Yealink Phones
6. Finalizing the Installation
6.1. Consider using HTTPS
6.2. Add remaining extensions
6.3. Review logging levels
6.4. Setup Promptar Telephony Translator
7. Maintenance
7.1. Regular Tasks
7.2. Reconfiguration
7.3. Diagnostics
A. Command Line Reference
A.1. Command Line Syntax
A.2. Exit Codes
B. Version History


This document presents the Promptar HTTPBX Connector Setup Guide in a simplified, step-by-step like approach.

It is aimed at a technical audience with general Promptar architecture knowledge and with system administration skills, helping establishing a standard procedure in getting Promptar running quickly and smoothly.

It is not to be understood as a fully detailed guide for all things Promptar related. More information is available in the remaining documentation and in the bundled sample configuration files which are installed along with the product.

Copyright and Trademarks

The information contained in this document is copyright TMeA, established in Portugal.

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