6. Finalizing the Installation

Once the desired configuration is completed, getting Promptar HTTPBX Connector fully ready for production use may require a few final adjustments.

6.1. Consider using HTTPS

Depending on the environment and options set during the initial configuration process, the connector/phone system communications may be set to use HTTP.

In general, for privacy and security concerns, using HTTPS is recomended. For that, two sets of changes need to be addressed:

  • Phone system/devices to connector requests over HTTPS:

    • Ensure all drivers are exposed via an HTTPS server.
    • Optionally have the connector validate the phone system/device client certificates by setting that server’s .trust option in the [http] section.
    • Update any phone system/devices configuration to include the correct connector HTTPS URL.
    • Optionally configure the phone system/devices to validate the connector certificate.
  • Connector to phone system/devices requests over HTTPS:

    • Configure the phone system/devices to accept HTTPS requests.
    • Set all drivers' .client.protocol to https.
    • Optionally configure the connector to validate the phone system/device certificates by setting that driver’s .ca option in the [drivers] section [13].


Performance Note


Some phone devices may be slower triggering and responding to HTTPS requests, when comparted to using plaintext HTTP requests. This is expected and has been observed in multiple scenarios.


Depending on the production requirements, the trade-off between privacy/security and performance may need to be considered and decided upon.

6.2. Add remaining extensions

Per the recommended procedure, only a subset of extensions have been configured up to this point. Now is the time to update the connector configuration to include all the extensions to be used in production.

6.3. Review logging levels

The installation process may have required adjusting some log levels to diagnose initial failures. Please take the time to bring back the log levels and, in general, the log configuration to the recommended one as set forth in the sample configuration file.

Running with more detailed log levels under production may hide away potential warnings that indicate poor user experience or other types of impending failures.

6.4. Setup Promptar Telephony Translator

The Promptar Telephony Translator is a separate product that sits between Promptar Server and the phone system connector, like Promptar TAPI Connector. While not mandatory, setting it up is a good recommended practise.

The Promptar Telephony Translator filters, cleans up and/or formats phone numbers for a smoother integration and improved user experience.

Please refer to its documentation to complete its setup.

[13] Keep in mind, though, that unless using custom issued certificates, the connector will not be able to validate the factory bundled device certificates used in phones, given that their commonName and/or subjectAltName does not match the URL used by the connector which is always IPv4 based.