3. Installation

The Promptar HTTPBX Connector software installation process is very simple and does nothing but putting files into its respective directories in the host system. It is based on each operating system’s native software management tools.

3.1. Linux

To install Promptar HTTPBX Connector run:

# yum localinstall --nogpgcheck prptHTTPBX-<version>.rpm

3.2. Windows

To install, either double click on the Promptar HTTPBX Connector <version>.msi file or execute the following, in a command line shell:

> msiexec /i "Promptar HTTPBX Connector <version>.msi"

3.3. Installed Files

The table below summarizes the installed file locations depending on the platform:

component Linux Windows



<prefix>\Promptar HTTPBX Connector\sbin



<prefix>\Promptar HTTPBX Connector\config



<prefix>\Promptar HTTPBX Connector\data



<prefix>\Promptar HTTPBX Connector\log

Where <prefix> is given by the Windows ProgramFiles environment variable on 32 bit systems and, on 64 bit ones, by the ProgramFiles(x86) environment variable.