1. Concepts

Promptar HTTPBX Connector handles HTTP based bidirectional phone system integration. It tracks call events, passing them to the server, and supports call control on behalf of user requests.


Phone Systems


Given the distributed nature of HTTP, the term phone systems is used in a generic sense. Depending on the existing phone solution, HTTP communications may be either between the connector and a given centralized phone system or, alternatively, between the connector and individual phone devices (collectively, phone system, in this document).

Setting up and configuring the connector comprises an understanding of the following elements:

A minimal usable configuration will include one HTTP Server and an associated Phone System Driver with one or more Extensions.

More complex and heterogeneous environments are supported by associating multiple Phone System Drivers to a single HTTP Server or, depending on the needs, by setting up multiple HTTP Servers and associating one or more Phone System Drivers to each of those. In each case, Extensions will be configured for each Phone System Driver.